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Carolyn Judge - Aotearoa Artist
Carolyn Judge

Carolyn Judge - aotearoa artist

Unlike many painters, Carolyn Judge has always identified as an artist, and has been developing and honing her talent ever since she was a small child. From working on quilts and tapestries in her youth to designing and creating pottery, glazes and glass sculptures, she has finally found her true calling and favourite medium. A woman filled with an abundance of patience and staunch determination, Carolyn shares her journey to understanding watercolour and her road to success.
Hailing from Norwich, England, Carolyn emigrated to New Zealand in the late 80s and settled in the suburbs of Auckland. Creativity and crafts were her greatest friends as a child, and this soon transformed itself into a true passion in later life.
“I’m motivated by the massive challenge that painting with watercolour provides. When I worked in IT, I earned good money on an hourly rate, but that money doesn’t compare with the buzz of selling a painting, winning an award, or being asked by a shop or publisher to represent me – those are huge satisfying achievements that feed the soul. I just didn’t want to paint in any other medium.”

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