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Carina Sim-Smith

Carina Sim-Smith


Born in Singapore, Carina Sim-Smith is a marine biologist by profession and a very talented artist in her free time. She taught herself how to paint by attending art classes and workshops by various tutors at her local arts centre, and by hours of practice.

“I’ve always enjoyed art but could never afford any of the pieces in art galleries that I liked, so I decided to learn how to paint so that I’d have something to hang on my walls. I enrolled in a beginner’s art class and found that I really enjoyed painting.”

Inspired by the beauty of New Zealand, she is mostly drawn to painting landscapes, particularly of places she’s visited herself, loving the process of creating something beautiful out of a blank canvas. “It’s a discovery process, you never know where the journey is going to end up.” Carina is currently working on a gorgeous view of Fiordland where she went hiking last summer. “In time, I’d love to have developed a signature style that people look at and recognise as mine, and have a solo exhibition.”

Carina has learned that she needs to feel a connection, to ‘love’ the topic or scene she is painting from the start. “If I don’t feel an emotional connection with my topic then it’s noticeable as I can’t create an emotional connection between my art and the viewer.”

Selling nearly every work she has created has certainly boosted her confidence: “I think that someone using their hard-earned cash to purchase something that I’ve painted is the biggest compliment they can give.”

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