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Barbara Schaer

barbara-shaer-aotearoa-artistSOULFUL EXPRESSION

Coming from a fairly long line of artists, Barbara Schaer is thoroughly enjoying her own ability to express herself through painting. Her grandfather was and her mother is an artist, her brother, a photographer and her sister gifted with writing. Having been self employed since age 25, she finally started painting, realising it was her ultimate path to happiness. “The joy I felt, the release and healing that came was amazing. Words cannot really describe this feeling. I can express myself through colours on canvas. I love colour, always did and now mixing and matching on canvas is just wonderful. I feel this is my path and I just love it. I have taken many different career paths, enjoyed them all, but painting takes enjoyment to a completely different level.”

As a child, Barbara always played around with colour, using watercolours on paper. Her mum would paint with watercolour, and she would try to paint the same way but after finding she was unable to get the same results, she gave up. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Barbara first encountered New Zealand when she came over as an agricultural exchange student in 1979 where she spent her time on a dairy farm, milking cows. She later immigrated to New Zealand in 1981.

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