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Alan Williams


There has always been something indefinable about motorcycling and motorbikes. Perhaps it is the independent nature of man and machine that sets them apart from the general populace or because bikes and bikers have long been associated with outlaws and gangs - the ‘one percenters’. Life-long biker Whangarei-based Alan Williams is a ‘one percenter’ but he is not an outlaw, he just thinks differently to most folks.

Alan doesn’t go out of his way to break the rules he just does it as a matter of course. That’s the way he is. A fabrication engineer by profession and a full-blooded biker at heart Alan has another side to his character – he is an avid watercolourist. No one taught Alan how to paint; he just picked up a brush and did it. No doubt his technical and engineering grounding guided his hand and enabled his approach but then, with his chosen subject being motorcycles, this was, quite fortunate.

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